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Pertinent Facts
Name: Lanie Trinh
Age: 18
Rating Requests: Nothing personal, but I sort of prefer being rated as a guy if possible.

Personality Questions
What are your likes/dislikes?: Likes: Videogames, anime, comic books, reading, musicals... same as hobbies. But I like nice people, being happy, laughing, dogs, lions, roller coasters, the Disney Renaissance (the movies from Little Mermaid to Tarzan)
Dislikes: Animal abusers, mean people, arrogance, ignorance, lack of common sense, cheesy stuff, drama, attention whores, butterflies, donuts, coconut flavored stuff, cars, overrated things, obnoxious and rude behavior, cheesy romantic comedies, liars, snobby rich people and their magic sky castles
What are your fears/dreams?: I don't like it when butterflies get close to me, animals getting hurt, dying in a car crash, cars... but I always wanted to fly. Fling would be a very fun super power <3
What are your favorite hobbies?: Going out with friends, reading, musicals (The Producers, Rent, Sweeney Todd, Wicked, etc!), videogames, voice actors, karaoke, the color green, reading comic books (Marvel and Wildstorm mainly), helping people out, psychology...
What are your pet peeves?: Most of my pet peeves are my dislikes.
Are you a leader or a follower?: I don't like being the leader, but I don't really like being used either. Second in command? I would be the leader if I think I know the most stuff I guess. (But the low self-esteem might kick in, haha)
Describe your personality: I generally see myself as a good person. Flawed, but a good person anyway. I do like helping people and seeing them smile, but sometimes I do get angry. I don't like it when I get angry. D: It makes me sad. And when I get sad, I get angry. Bad cycle, very bad. Sometimes I become unsure of myself (about the things I can/can't do, etc.). But I usually am a very social person who likes to have fun. I'm someone who wouldn't mind a phone call late at night to go out.
What would you do if you found $100 on the side of the road and didn't know who it belonged to?: Sorry, but I'd take it and spend it. Though it's tempting to walk around and ask people if they had dropped $100 and see their response. Would they be honest or not? I say the latter...
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