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Pertinent Facts
Name: Emma
Age: 14
Rating Requests: Characters from the Xenosaga series, please. I don't really know Xenogears, so yeah.

Personality Questions
What are your likes/dislikes?: I like various types of music, though most of it falls into the insanely blasphemous metal category. I have an affinity for the occult/horror and the typical "swords & sorcery" fantasy. I LOVE my alone time and hate to spend some actual quality time socializing. I generally dislike people because I have really negative views on them as a whole and on their future. I really hate the kind of people that just won't take no for an answer or are just shallow and ignorant. I hate conformity and peer pressure, even though occasionally I give into it when the pressure's way too much.
What are your fears/dreams?: I fear other people's judgment, even though I willingly don't conform to people's ideas of a normal teenager, let alone a normal person. I have a few ridiculous dreams like becoming a musician, but I actually lack a lot of skill in making music and I probably wouldn't have the stamina to be in a band. I would, however, hope to be a graphics artist, a manager of my own record company, or *ahem* an accountant. And then there's my insane dream of having all the people I find irritating to be dead...which will happen eventually, when old age or some other means takes them.
What are your favourite hobbies?: Listening to music, drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, watching TV, and of course being on the computer 24/7.
What are your pet peeves?: I look down on people that want to fit in with other cliques just for the sake of fitting in. Religion is pretty annoying since it always has a standard set of rules that you have to follow without question, and I end up questioning some of it anyway. I also find it annoying when people question my motives as I'm a secretive person. I don't like hugs because frankly, they are too mushy and I'd rather prefer a pat on the back.
Are you a leader or a follower?: I would actually say loner because I don't have enough people skills to effectively lead a group and I also don't feel content with blindly following a person around. If I was forced to lead, I'd do a poor to decent job on it.
Describe your personality: I usually describe myself as a dark, cynical and introverted person. Generally, I keep myself focused when the situation calls for it. I can be a bit cold and unapproachable sometimes. I'm very quiet and it's a rare occurrence that I do speak from my own free will, because I really prefer just being behind the scenes. I tend to get angry when people so much as tick me off slightly and I do show it in my expressions. I don't just forgive and forget, but rather hold grudges for a few days or so. Sometimes, I act more immaturely than is necessary.
What would you do if you found $100 on the side of the road and didn't know who it belonged to?: If it isn't too dirty, then I would definitely take it. Besides, if I tried to ask people if they lost $100 and show them the bill, they'd most likely lie and just take it. Finders keepers!
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