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Hai Guyz!

Pertinent Facts
Name: Rebecca (or Becca)
Age: 18
Rating Requests: Xenosaga only, please. <:

Personality Questions
What are your likes/dislikes?: Likes: Rock music, video games, anime, manga, science, the colour red, chocolate, people with a sense of humour, snow, spending time with my family, having my alone time, reading (fantasy, sci-fi).
Dislikes: Idiots, the colour green, history, too much noise, people encroaching on my space.
What are your fears/dreams?: Fears: I'm afraid of letting people down and betraying people's trust. I'm also horribly afraid of heights.
Dreams: Survive university, become a meteorologist, and make everyone proud.
What are your favourite hobbies?: Playing video games, talking to my friends on the computer, writing and drawing, cross-stitching,
What are your pet peeves?: Things like people scuffing their feet on the floor and creaky doors. Also, when I know someone is capable of doing better but they don't (if that makes any sense).That drives me right up the wall.
Are you a leader or a follower?: I try to be a follower, because I'm kind of shy, but somehow I always end up being the leader. People, for whatever reason, look to me for direction and I just take over. I guess when I get out of my shyness I'm pretty good at imposing my will on others. I just don't like to do it unless I have to.
Describe your personality: I'm really stubborn and can be quite short-tempered. I tend to not think before I speak and I end up saying things I really shouldn't have said. XD I'm shy and quiet around people I don't know, but really loud and fun around people I do know. I'm compassionate and even though I act like I don't care, deep down, I really do.
What would you do if you found $100 on the side of the road and didn't know who it belonged to?: I would say that I would ask people in the area if they had lost $100, but who would honestly say "no" to that? So I would probably end up keeping it. XD
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I'm thinking probably Jr., based on your description of your personality (stubborn/short-tempered but also fun and compassionate) and your leadership role. :>
Jr. is what came across for me too. In particular, your fears of letting people down really make me think of him and your interests suggest that you have a great imagination like he does. Your stubborness and acting like you don't care when you really do also match Jr., especially with his interactions with Albedo and Gaignun.
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