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Welcome one and all to Xenorating, a community where you, yes that's right you, are rated as the Xenosaga/Xenogears character you fit best! After you are chosen a character, you will even get a wonderful stamp to commemorate this occasion. Be sure to read all the rules before you submit an application though. We hope you enjoy your visit!
Oh no! Yes I know this word is very dreaded, but they're really important so please do read through them. They'll make your experience more enjoyable!


First off, we'd like it if you could provide real information about yourself. There really isn't anything we can do that'll prevent you from lying just to get stamped as your favorite character, but we'd like it for everyone to get a realistic experience of who others think they're most like.
This isn't really a rule, but more a common courtesy. After you post your own application, please go and rate some of the applications made by others.
You must be a member to vote or be voted on.
All applications should be posted under a Livejournal cut. If you don't know how to do one, the code is included in the copy/paste friendly box on the application page.
You may only send in one application at a time. You can only be stamped once within a two month time period since the day you were given the stamp. You can apply as many times as you want as long as this rule isn't broken.
New Rule: Concerning the new monthly applications (mech piloting, ideal weapon, etc.), you cannot have an active regular application running concurrently with your monthly application. However, once your first application finishes, you are free to apply for the other regardless of whether or not two months have passed. (For example, if you have a regular application which has just been stamped, you can send in a mech piloting application right afterwards and vice versa. You just can't have both a regular application and a mech piloting application receiving votes at the same time)

XenoRating is run by a member voting system. Other members of the community read your application and then comment/vote for which character they think you are personified as. Likewise, you should do the same for others.

When voting, we'd like for you to include your reasoning or what in the application led you to choose this character as the person, but it is not required. We would like for you to bold your character vote in a comment on the application post when voting. To bold, include <*b>Character Name here<*/b> but remove the asterisks (*). So when voting it should look something like this:
This was tough, but I think I'm going to vote Jr. because of your fiery personality and temper.

In order to get stamped as a character, you must have a minimum of 4 votes for one character (the first one reached is the one you get) or have had your application open for 2 weeks (in which the character with the most votes will be who you're stamped as).

When you have less than 4 votes and are tied for two or more characters after the two week time limit is passed, we will ask an impartial third-person to read over the application (without reading the votes already cast). If their vote matches one of the tied, then the character they chose will be your stamp. If not, we will ask another person.

When you're ready to be stamped, please reply to the "Need Stamping!" post and a mod will post your stamp in your application post. Please save these stamps on your own server.
Link: Need Stamping List

All the above voting rules also apply to the monthly themes.
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