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X e n o R a t i n g
a Xenogears//Xenosaga rating community
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17th-Jan-2010 01:33 pm - XenoRating Updates
Hey guys! Matthias here with a quick update. I've been cleaning up the profile information of this community for a bit. It's not done, but I think it looks a little nicer than before. With that, The "Which mech would you pilot?" theme is going to be extended, as no one applied for it yet lol. For now, it'll just be extended until sometime in February, when we'll hopefully have a new theme for you guys to work with.

Additionally, everyone who submitted an application should have a stamp now. If you have received a stamp yet, go ahead and comment on the Stamp Me! post or this entry, and we'll take care of it ASAP!

Questions, concerns? Go ahead and direct them to this entry too if you'd like :)
10th-Dec-2009 08:45 pm - Application
The Vatican City
We have a new monthly theme which will run until the end of January: What Xeno Mecha are you?

We would strongly prefer that you do the regular application before the theme, but it is up to you.
The options for the theme are:

The Tub-bike
Jins A.W.G.S.
E.S. Dinah
E.S. Zebulun
E.S. Asher
E.S. Reuben
E.S. Simeon
E.S. Issachar
E.S. Levi
E.S. Joeseph
E.S. Gad
E.S. Dan
E.S. Naphtali
E.S. Judah
Proto Omega

Alpha Weltall

Have fun!

Under the cut is the applicationCollapse )
27th-Jul-2009 06:34 pm - [Admin] Updates + Monthly Themes!
Hey guys. Random update mod Matthias here. All applications should have stamps now. If you don't have a stamp because I somehow missed your application, let me know by commenting on any of my entries.

Obviously, this community isn't as active as most rating communities, but I got an idea after visiting some other comms. How would you guys feel about specific themes relating to the Xeno series?

Which weapon would you most likely wield?
Where would you most likely live?
What character do you look like most?
Which Xeno mini game would you probably enjoy most?
Which Mech (E.S., AMWS, AGWS, Gears) would you most likely pilot?
Which organization would you most likely be a part of?
Any other ideas you have to offer! Just comment if you'd like to try something.

If there's interest any interest at all, let me know by commenting here and I can put together these themes. We would probably hold one rating theme a month until we ran out.

Finally, I want to stress that if you ever need anything (overdue stamp, questions) comment on any entries by animevivi in this community to poke me! I really don't mind and I have livejournal notifications turned on!
10th-Nov-2008 03:11 pm - Whoa
I hope this place would be more active...Collapse )
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